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Climate Specialists Extend Helping Hand to Lakeway, TX Resident Struggling with Sky-High Winter Energy Bills

October 25, 2023

Lakeway, TX – In a heartwarming gesture, Climate Specialists from Austin, TX have come to the aid of a local resident, Peggy Antilley, who was burdened with exorbitant winter electricity bills due to an improperly installed heat pump condenser.

Winter in Texas can be unforgiving, and for many, a reliable heat source is vital. Unfortunately, Ms. Antilley found herself struggling with crippling energy bills, reaching an alarming $700 per month, all because of an inadequate heat pump condenser installed by her home warranty contractor.

In a display of community spirit and commitment to making a difference Climate Specialists stepped in to rectify the situation. Their expert team assessed the issue, and, without hesitation, installed a brand-new heat pump condenser – free of charge. This act of kindness not only restored warmth to Ms. Antilley's home but also alleviated the financial burden she had been facing.

Ms. Antilley expressed her gratitude, saying, "I was dreading another harsh winter with those enormous bills. Climate Specialists has been my savior. I can't thank them enough."

Matt Shaw, founder of Climate Specialists and COO of The Mechanical Group, personally responded to Ms. Antilley’s no heat call last winter. “When I arrived onsite, I was appalled at what I saw. To install an improper system without a heat source is gross negligence and I knew we needed to step in to make things right for her.”

The Mechanical Group and Climate Specialists has always been dedicated to the well-being of the community. This gesture embodies their mission to improve the lives of Lakeway residents. They urge everyone to ensure their HVAC systems are operating efficiently to avoid unnecessary energy expenses and to consider the welfare of neighbors, particularly the elderly, during extreme weather conditions.

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